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Whether you've visited Seattle for a day or have lived in the city your entire life, you have certainly seen this building.

But not many know

its unique history.

Or even

what happens there now...

Brewery History


In 1878 the Bayview Brewing Company built their first brewhouse on this property which led way to the birth place of the beer true North Western-ers know & love: Rainier Beer

In the early 1900's Rainier's business was expanding...

& so was the Brewery....

Pictured Right:

The Mountain Room in 1938 as Rainier's Beer Barrel Room

In 1949 Rainier converted their Barrel Room into a Bar & Event Hall.

In 1950 The Mountain Room opened to the public.

In 1949 Rainier converted their Barrel Room into a Bar & Event Hall.

In 1950 The Mountain Room opened to the public.

The Mountain Room was a popular spot for Rainier employees, locals, and tourists alike. After a long day of work, Rainier employees would gather for post-work beers, while locals would come to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. Tourists who had just finished their brewery tour would also stop for a free Rainier and to soak up the lively ambiance.



The Mountain Room was Rainier's official Brew Pub from 1950 until 1999 when Tully's Coffee moved into the building & converted the space into their Barista Training Center

An Era Of

The Factory Luxe

In 2014 Tully's officially leaves the building.
The original Mountain Room space is leased to a private owner & dubbed The Factory Luxe with Melinda Wells at the helm

Melinda Wells ran The Factory Luxe as a Private Event Space from 2014 until the lease was transferred to her in 2019.
That year Ms. Wells decided she wanted to re-open the doors of this historic space to the public & include the thriving music scene not only in Seattle, but in the building itself...

Home to over eighty band rehearsal spaces, Professional Recording Studios of all genres, & a thriving community of tenants & artists of all kind, The Old Rainier Brewery is a beacon of creativity in Seattle 

Melinda Wells got her Wine & Beer Liquor License in the summer of 2019 & swung her doors open to host Live Music on The Factory Luxe stage

Despite the hardships brought on by the COVID Lockdown 
The Factory Luxe pulled through & re-opened it's doors with the rest of the world in Summer 2021.


The Factory Luxe
Hosted Shows Of All Kind

Stand-up Comedy, Burlesque, Drag, Markets, Benefits for SMASH & NW Abortion Access Fund & Live Music of all kinds including Psychedelic Rock, Folk, World Music, Punk,
Hip-Hop, Metal & Jazz
Featuring acts such as Beautiful Freaks, Zookraught, AsterHouse, Mx. Pucks'a Plenty, The Davanos, Velvet Q, Toe Jam & Many More

Due to it's growing success among Seattle's Artist Community, The Factory Luxe team decided to remodel the Bar & Kitchen. In October, 2022, The Factory Luxe acquired its Full Liquor & Kitchen license.
In January 2023 The Factory Luxe opened as a full time
Bar & Restaurant, 7 days a week.

The Old Rainier Brewery had it's own
Watering Hole once again !!


While business was in full swing at The Factory Luxe,
Something loomed on the horizon...

The Abatement

The Old Rainier Brewery
was getting a much needed Face-Lift

Spring 2022 began the largest exterior abatement on an occupied building

The Factory Luxe knew it was going to have to shut it's doors. But it wasn't clear when or for how long...
Melinda Wells was told by project managers "It will only take two months. April until June, 2023"
So, The Factory Luxe team prepared for a two month shut-down.
However, February 2023, Melinda Wells was informed that the project was being 'Escalated' & The Factory Luxe will have to be closed in March.
Melinda Wells walked out of the meeting & to The Factory Luxe to see it was already scaffolded off, blocking the entrances & ramps.

On March 5th, 2023,
The Factory Luxe has it's last show

The Factory Luxe team cleared out as much stuff as needed as they readied the space for the exterior abatement & prepared to not enter for two months

2 Months Turns To 3 Months Turns to...

With the Abatement running into countless unforeseen obstacles, the Project Management was unable to give Melinda Wells a clear answer on when she'll be able to re enter her business

The Fire

On July 16th an Arsonist set fire to the front doors
of The Factory Luxe. The Fire destroyed the original
1950 Front Doors & awning, the water warped the
Hardwood Floors, & Smoke Particles coated every
surface of the space. However, the fire was put out by Seattle Fire Department before it could cause severe damage

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